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Sunday 10/22/2017

Warm up: Coaches choice BBW: Take 15 mins to find 1rm Bear Complex. WOD For time: 30 Bear Complexes at 85% of 1rm for time.

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Saturday 10/21/2017

WARM UP 10 Dumbell Curls 10 Push Ups on Dumbells Strength 3 RM Find 3rm Thrusters from the floor WOD FOR TIME 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 reps of: Thrusters (115/80) 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 Meter Row

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Friday 10/20/2017

Warm Up: 5 min AMRAP 20 DU’s 20 Reverse Crunchers 20 Supermans BBW: 3 sets superset 10 Deadlifts (60% 1 rm) 10 Front Rack Lunges (115/80) 1 min rest WOD Score each AMRAP separately 5 min AMRAP 7 Power … Continue reading

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Thursday 10/19/2017

Strength: Front Squat 5 x 5 (Find your 5rm) I took this one from the main site everybody has been asking to do bench press. WOD For time: 60 push-ups 50 dips 40 handstand push-ups 30 bench presses, 155/110 lb. … Continue reading

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Warm Up 3 Rounds 25 ft Handstand Walk 10 strict pull ups 50 ft walking lunge 15 sit ups BBW: EMOM 7 Snatch- High hang-Hang-Full Squat- Starting at 60% add weight as form permits WOD: Tabatas: Row (Calorie) Shuttle Run … Continue reading

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017 Warm Up 40-30-20-10 Reverse Crunchers-Double Unders Strength PUSH PRESS 3 X 5 @ 80% UNCLE BILLY’S BARBELL FROM HELL 4 Rounds 10 Cleans (75/55) 20 Push Press (75/55) 30 Deadlifts (75/55) 4o Back Squats (75/55) Run … Continue reading

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Monday 10/16/2017

Warm up: 3 rounds 50 Double Unders 200 Meter Run BBW: 9 min EMOM Min 0-2 – 3 Clean & Jerks (65%) Min 3-5 – 2 Clean & Jerks (75%) Min 6-8 – 1 Clean & Jerks (85%) “Cindy” 20 … Continue reading

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Sunday 10/15/2017

Warmup: Group warmup. BBW: EMOM 6 minutes 1 set of the Bear Complex. Every 2 minutes increase weight. Men (115/135/155) Women (75/95/115) Parnter WOD For time: 400 m row (only 1 rower per team) 40 deadlifts (185/155) 40 sit-ups … Continue reading

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Saturday 10/14/2017

**If you have some free time tomorrow please show some support by cheering on our two teams at Girls Gone RX from 9am to 4pm at 2200 Marcus Ave, New Hyde Park, NY** Warm up: Junkyard Dog Strength: Deadlift 5 … Continue reading

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Friday 10/13/2017

Warm up: 5 min of Cindy WOD 30 wall balls. Rx+ 30/20 30 box jump overs 30 cal row 30 pull ups Rx+ ctb pull ups 30 stoh 135 30 burpees 30 T2b 30 hspu. Rx+ strict hspu *rest until … Continue reading

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*I have been training at Crossfit Lighthouse for the past two and half years. I spent the majority of my life morbidly obese and had never worked out before. After losing the majority of the weight I started working out at work with some friends in 2010. We then came into Lighthouse in July of 2013. I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know anything about Crossfit. I was greeted by friendly and knowledgeable coaches who taught me the basics. As someone who until a few years prior had never picked up a weight I was very intimidated. The coaches were great at explaining that Crossfit is a process. They told me Crossfit is about slowly getting better over time and it took a while but when I finally earned the RX next to my name on the white board I was thrilled.
The coaches take the time each day to help me improve my technique and give pointers on how to move more efficiently. The coaches are extremely passionate and genuinely care about how I am doing. I am constantly amazed at the tips, drills and new ways they have of breaking down each lift. I recently have set a personal record in back squat, snatch, clean and front squat. The beauty of Crossfit is there is always something to work on and improve. The variety of movements and programs allow me to be striving for more. Training at Lighthouse has given me a confidence that I didn’t have before. I consider myself an athlete, where before I would never say that. It helps me learn how to set small attainable goals and break tasks down into manageable pieces; get through this round, break it up into sets of 5, or increase the weight by 5 pounds. I learned how to appreciate small successes and see that as part of the process. I am very grateful to be a member of Crossfit Lighthouse.

Dan Vessely*

Dan Vessely *Results will vary on each individual*,

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