Wednesday 12/14/2016 Tabata


Tabata at CrossFit Lighthouse

Warm up: 50 T2B for time

BBW: Push Press

5 sets of 3 reps @ 85% of 1rm



8 rounds of 20 secs of work 10 secs of rest. Complete 8 rounds before moving on to next exercise. This is a total count and count each exercise separately. You can start at any station you want. Set the clock for 32 rounds of tabata. No rest between exercises.

  • Tabata Shuttle Runs (from rack to rack)
  • Tabata Row for Calories
  • Tabata Double Unders
  • Tabata Burpees


*When I first started Crossfit Lighthouse I was at my heaviest weight of 210lbs. I realized how unhappy I was with myself and decided to make a change. I wanted and needed a healthier lifestyle, so I contacted my best friend and now coach Amanda. She encouraged me to join Crossfit and reassured me that I would succeed. She gave me the push that I needed to take the next step. One of the hardest things for me was just showing up. However, once I was there I instantly fell in love with the coaches, DEEZ, people and the environment. From then on I have grown more confident and have lost over 70 lbs. every morning I go to Crossfit I push myself harder and joining was one the best decisions I have ever made. I have participated in races, which is something I never thought I could do. Cmc, savage race, and tough mudder are three of my proudest accomplishments. I never would of been able to achieve any of this without my "family" at Crossfit lighthouse!*
Anjelyne Kiernan *Results will vary on each individual*,

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